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Gold Bio Crystal Collagen Facial Face Mask - korean Beauty Skincare

$ 5.00

Gold Bio Crystal Collagen Facial Face Mask - Unlock the lifting and firming potency of our collagen and gold-powder formula that will re-hydrate your skin, leaving you smooth and refreshed. This moisturizing collagen facial mask will activate cellular regeneration and balance the pH of your skin, through its bio-collagen and gold ingredients.

Developed from a proprietary blend of gold powder, collagen, and natural bio-ingredients, this facial mask will help your face slow down collagen depletion and and elastin breakdown. Stimulating cellular regrowth at the basal layer of the skin, our collagen face mask will regenerate worn and tired skin, and will combat the damaging effects of sun exposure, prolonged dryness, and the effects of aging.  BONUS: Order the 5 or 10 pack face mask and get a free pack (1 set) of the collagen under eye masks! (just leave "bonus" in the notes at checkout with your 5 or 10 piece order)

Please allow and extra 5 days of delivery time for this item.

Directions for Use:

  1. Cleanse and dry your face thoroughly
  2. Open sealed collagen facial mask package and apply mask to your face
  3. Gently press this facial mask onto your face
  4. Apply any excess bio collagen gel from mask packet onto your face to create a snug fit
  5. Wear the mask for 30-60 minutes (while laying down is best to keep the mask from sliding off due to it's heavier and thicker consistency)
  6. Remove the mask gently
  7. Pat excess collagen serum onto skin and follow up with your favorite moisturizer to seal it all in.